Very Funny Brazilian Pranks Compilation, Crazy :))) Part 1

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Kraneveh Kran says:

2nd prank was really funny made me laugh for 10 minutes

macapaense says:

1980s-1990s pranks!

mykimikimiky says:

when someone gets killed, maybe than …. no. nothing will change.

Suhandi Wiratama says:

Do you think this is a good prank? This is really abusing people!
This is not the way you do prank to people.
Perhaps this is one of the reason the crime case in Brazil is so high.
People just get pissed off by stupid people doing an improper prank.

BoxxyFan says:

Wow, this was really fucking annoying to watch. It was rude and harsh. It
makes me feel better though that there is a lot of crime in brazil and
people get shot. Serves them right for playing dumb pranks.

Hristo Ivanov says:

Who even thought of the first prank in the video? Some idiot completely
denied of creativity?

Célia Almeida says:

Well, in fact the American or European pranks are far funnier! (IRONY)

Chaiwat Chaiprasan says:

This is funy ?

mindchimp says:

this needs some good translations to make it funnier for english
speakers… they look like good pranks! What was the police guy saying in
the last one that made them all so nervous? 

Sasha says:

la 2da broma es d la ptm jajajaja

ichig085 says:

Dude at 11:20 must have seen/done some shit cuz he had a cold look in his
eyes the whole time, even came out without a worry on his face.

Hiram Lugo says:

where they find those munchinks?

sulfur oxide says:

their pranks are offensive,,,,

adelords says:

You guys got some balls pulling pranks like these on people

Jozef Lisý says:




Samuel Spark says:

the last one was very funny

frank mercedes says:

its not a prank its humiliating people I dont find it funny at all,

Leandro Carioca says:

All this shit is fake, the bad reputation of this show is known in Brazil.

hetram verma says:

sick wife was hilarious!!!

Duy Duy Nguyễn says:

no no no

Зовутка Кликутка says:


Emre Andro says:

Not funny at all.

d mac says:

As funny as the flu…. Fail.

Kingandhorse says:

Wow every joke every time None of them grin they just all attack and go
aggresive. Are all the people like that in Brazil? retarded dull booring
and phsycotic ? 

Diesel Power says:

So hostile in brazil, the people are

Daniel Gercy says:

Lol o Datena kkkk

Victor Zerg says:

i am brazilian ;P

fleiva30 says:

best was 2nd and the cheating wife jajajaja

James Murphy says:

I smell a lingering stale fart.

okos kutya says:

1980 Israeli idea

zzzut says:

This proves one thing: Humour is not international.

"GtaIIIBoy_2_" says:

will NEVER share this@@@
whers the subtitle?

Vinicius Gaspar says:

huehue br huehue br tem que aproveitar o resto do brasil mesmo com todo o
crime que existe o povo se diverte 

walter browmajkip says:
Pavel Nekvapil says:
Nikola Josef Kruck says:

This is sick!

Cesar Carrillo says:

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