Parachute Crash Compilation – Funny

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i added the audio because the old audio was terrible. Parachute Crash Compilation Daria Theme.

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TheGameFreaks766 says:

Funny ? More like *OUCH* :S

borfoo3 says:


Faucon551237 says:

“i added the audio because the old audio was terrible.” This one is even
more terrible ;)

airdiver1116 says:

wow! gayer than I though!

liviamarcosvidela says:


flyguy75140 says:

dont fly any chute that you dont control yourself. Check out my PPC video
to see how much fun flying a chute can be.

yeahdatsright says:


BJordan Dizon says:


Paul Sullivan says:

LOL that last guy gets debagged!!!

JetJockey87 says:

LOL Daria theme song.

mcroller says:

hhahaha =))) last is n1

waxthecatz says:

last one owned all!

slimfandango says:

Newton’s 4th law of gravity: Fat peeps Donteth flyeth.

Kat Yu says:


daewonsongpingpong says:

hilarioud video crappy song

ScuttleProductions says:

Wow i wouldn’t exactly call those funny (because at those speeds, crashing
can be deadly). Nice video though.

hafsha1 says:

good stuff

morria49 says:

c trop marrant !^^!

mattosoffice says:

ha ha haaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!! niceeeee!!!!

AirForce194 says:

Piss poor audio

chanctonbury63 says:

The last one was great!!!

ingemeiselfanclub says:

great selection + great choice of music

chammpuzz says:

paintfull but funny hehehe

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