Jason Leong – Blind Girlfriend (Stand Up Comedy)

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Jason Leong, who happens to moonlight as a doctor, picks apart the medical logic of a popular romantic music video. Want to see more Stand Up Comedy? Subscribe to the Laugh Factory’s channel…

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hattar00 says:

Not bad, i still need to see more of him in order to judge him.

yoko choko says:

Why he is speaking with an hindu accent?

randomdancer9606 says:

singaporean guy?

Waldo says:

what music video was that?

CabooseNor says:

He took too long to get to the point, and it wasn’t really that funny. As a
doctor, he should know you cannot donate eyes yet.

TheAllstar22 says:

Usually thick accents kill comedy for me but he was really good. Also the
story seems so retarded. Not like you can cure a blind person with a new

Helol5 says:

For once, a comedy that isn’t about racist cops or sex

watiswrongwithutube says:

Heard a joke almost exactly the same where the girl breaks up with the guy
after the operation so I have a hard time believing he even came up with
the entire joke himself.

NoR3m0rs3 says:

Pretty bad lol, I never read the comments before watching as it gives you
preconceptions, but that was some pretty lame delivery

RoffelMayo says:

lmao… so true… like bro cyclops or nah?

rencrow says:

He’s gotta be from Singapore…..

moodswyng says:

Can’t get pass that thick accent.

Mark Skater says:

pretty good, i like him

adly zdy says:

I’m guessing this dude Singaporean or Malaysian. Good joke tho. 

Bromoteknada says:

Quite clever and funny as a thought,but the delivery could be better.

mmacsds says:

not bad

anthony psilocybin says:

Does he even blink?

Eric Moss says:


Justin McGillivary says:

Good stuff. Seemed original. 

asoom says:


fetacheeseplease says:

that’s a really original bit!

wojiaotori says:

If you actually watch the music video “Because I am a Girl” by KISS, the
girl becomes blind because a bottle of photography solution belonging to
the guy spills onto her eyes, causing blindness. She wasn’t blind to begin
with. He donated his eyes because he loved her and felt incredibly guilty. 

centenarrio says:

Is this story time? The long wait to the punch ended up not being strong
enough. After this, please tell me his routine sped up into something else?
He was funny towards the end. 

Jason Leong says:

Hi guys, Jason here. Thanks for all the lovely comments and support. It was
an honour to represent Malaysia at The Laugh Factory. Cheers!

For more of my stuff, do check out :
Twitter :@TheJasonLSK

luise1 says:

Quite funny

sn1zzo says:

I’m happy I hung in there. The beginning sucked but he really delivered in
the end :) I like this guy.

arsenalfanshukri says:

sounds southeast asian. Malaysian/Singaporean?

UHPdriver says:

Starts kinda meh and then closes awesome. I thought timing was great. 

Alexis Kraus says:

I saw the video he is talking about! My Korean friend told me about it!

Angel says:

That was good 

Delenia Lubit says:

Malaysian!.. singaporean has another kind of sharper accent..

Dantaeus says:

pretty good delivery , i started watching this and heard it and wasn’t
thinking it would be funny but yeah , pretty fuckin funny

WendyllG says:


bokchoiman says:


MSCode says:

She most portable gave him back one of his eyes.

Offended Badly then Unsubscribed says:


Kom Dy says:

Hahahaha, that was pretty funny.

Christian Gentry says:

very funny, the curious accent makes it.

Andreas Nøkleby says:

This was a guy telling a joke? Not stand up? Or have I gotten it all

bshaoulian says:

lol that was great! more of this guy!

StonedRidah says:

I really thought this guy was gonna, suck, but he made me chuckle :) 


Killer punch line! Great set up! 

thesuperbroski says:

That was good shit.

comik300 says:

refreshing piece of comedy

Mr Jameson says:

this guy was refreshing. sense of humor is more about logic but there are
punchlines which is good

Vazgen Khachaturian says:

enjoyed this alot )))

Indrek says:

haha sick :D really good!

breaktube says:

give this man a show on CC !!

Aaron Shotwell says:

Hilarious. lol

Ugo Strange says:

That was good.

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