GIRL SMASHES FACE (Omegle Funny Moments)

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Jeanette Fnley says:

I wish these videos were longer! But regardless I love them. :)

AK prince says:

Get a new mike Bro……………….u’re microfone Suck’s

Guruofsexy y says:

Could we see the pussy of the first girl ??

Noah Clark says:

I was 1st so stfu

Killua Zoldyck says:

The rap sounds so fucking bad because of that echo. says:

+YoutubeableHD I hope you are getting model releases from people on your
videos. It is very possible to get sued.

Bey0ndNames says:

you’re so gay youtubeable. honestly you’re not even funny anymore

Jesus Ballesteros says:

Dude…What happened to CoD ? You upload more of this than CoD. You and
TrollMunchies, man….xMsHeartAttackx is the only one playing games. What
happened, man ? Just cause you get more views and subscribers because of
Omegle you’re going to stop uploading CoD content ? I mean you still upload
CoD, but not as much

Ms HeartAttack says:


WesleyAlvesGames says:

@YoutubableHD My dog asked for an uncensored version of that girl…….
if u know what i mean

NorwegianQvirr says:

Wattafuck happened to the sound in the last one? :P

William Martin says:

rap sux cod sux not my opinion proven fact

GhettoHouseinLA says:

Youtubable is one of those guys who hates their girlfriend and finds any
excuse just to talk to another girl.

DeathPr0duction says:

I seriously am just going to unsub this girl voice shit is getting really
awkward and a little gay 

Khang Nguyen says:

That’s a tight ass sleeve bruh.

Ivan Alba Torres says:

Also he’s gunna be 1 of the best youtube’rs 

luke lucas says:

Youtubable didnt freestyle he said nothing about him

SarinaMarie G. says:

Do you dance? SMACK!
Dying of laughter brb.

TreTzyTV says:


Brian Arrowood says:

Oh damn!!! Spittin those bars

Mike Logan says:

Come on bro 2 minutes and 50 seconds?we want more yo. lol

TrolledABearOnce says:

1:48 ….johnny football??

Hodge says:

Yo I was the one who twerked for u !

John Armstrong says:

Sry ,… But now I know your in the closet. Now is the time 2 walk out. 

Killer B3396 says:


dmitri Anderson says:

When you started rapping I legit gussed every verse before you said it

david calix says:


george giannou says:

was she wearing panties, thats all i wanna know

Voyzy Rabana says:

Yoo do more Mack n chicks plsss

jack green says:

i swear he has a girlfriend lol

kristofer ramos says:

Hahah but that face

Vemius Gaming says:

how do these people confuse him of being a girl ?
he dosent even sound like one 

NewAirraa says:

YouTubeable is badass

Falcon Kick says:

He was looking at that eyeball

Rory rawstron says:

Haha “you like that booty ,fucking weirdo”



breh says:

Lol he surprised him self

l Ninjay l says:

That rap tho

MP3inoY says:

Overexaggerated in the beginning

CaptNiat says:

I’m gonna need the uncensored copy of this 

Nathan Lefebvre says:

To bad I couldn’t hear that rap because that kids mic :'(

Ashlovesgaming says:

Omg YOUTUBABLE l love you so much!!!!

josemunjvr munive says:

black guys always ruin videos except when they die in movies 

candaceangel1 says:

Omfg, I DIED at 1:43

Mario Naroz says:

Can u do beatbox on omegle plzz it is fun

AFG Hakk says:

if you want to see more hilarious freestyles look up, rap battles in the

George Bush says:

Your mic is terrible.

Joe Kuta says:

Shit video

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