Funny Videos Of People falling 2013 New

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Funny Videos Of People falling 2013 New Funny Videos Of People falling 2013 New Funny Videos Of People falling 2013 New funny video of two fat women FAILS Co…

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YesFunnyYes says:

OMG! did the guy at 0:34 have brain damage or something?

VMA225 says:

All You AXXHOLES Better Get Signed Up For Nobamacare !!!

Cano Manuel Gonzaga says:

There is nothing funny in people getting seriously hurt. 

The man under your bed says:

0:33 that boy instantly turned into a manican o.o

Kitija Jerfane says:

1:13 :D

Sly Shooter says:

1:05, Welcome to back problems for the rest of your life.

Stephen Maloney says:

Haha at 00:31 he bounces.

Nicole Mason says:

Omg that was so funny

Danny Dougin says:

Hmmm, scared himself up some big hair at 4:05 !!

Tea Frankie says:

This hurted me to not only them! Just watching….

Nathan Johnson says:

This isn’t funny at all. One of them could have gotten seriously hurt or

lisa mac says:

that father that was on the skate board that fell off and hit his daughter,
what a stupid idiot get off stupid old fart too old for stupid tricks poor

Reshiram Gaming says:


YesFunnyYes says:


The man under your bed says:

All of that is what you call sketchy fun, all of it’

Jason Lloyd says:

The people in these video’s have 1 thing in common. What you ask? Famous
last words ( hey watch this)!! rofl

Tinath Zaeba says:

Lol, its very funny. Check it out.

ThatIndianChick says:

White ppl

Bao Tran says:


Jordan Green says:

If yall dont wanna see, then DONT CLICK THE VIDEO. You can tell by the
title what the video is about.

Mingyu Wu says:

0:35 IS HE DEAD??

Aygun Samadova says:

I disliked the video, cause it’s not funny at all! I mean how can one laugh
at other person’s being injured?

Josue Vera says:

These vids are so raw

Julia Roth says:

LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!

Karen Loeffler says:

what is so funny about people getting hurt

phb2911 says:

Oh yeah… it’s really funny watching people get hurt…that’s hilarious!!!

Diondre Simmons says:

people falling is funny

Lakshmi Narayanan v says:

4:36 Defines a whole new level of FAIL.

Finn Tully says:

Poor dude on 0:52.

Lellebelleke89 says:

What is that song at 5:44 ??

LetsTalkGames says:

Yeah because 0:31 is fucking hilarious, half this shit isn’t funny and if
you actually laughed at someone who fucked themself up like that around me
you wouldn’t be laughing for long trust me… yes I have a sense of humor,
a great one actually but half this shit isn’t funny it’s pretty fucked.

nomedigaasi says:

The one at 6:15, what was he doing?

Erik Hägglund says:

Me throughout this entire video: Idiot!! Why!? Idiot!! Why?! Idiot!! Why?!

Noneos Sias says:


Ashley Campos says:

LOL!!!! The first video I saw was when I started laughing so hard that I
felt that I was going to choke!!!!

Michael Bedell says:


James Miller says:

Wow in 0:31 that man probably died

Ruthy Read says:

some were not funny

Fernando Beteta says:


thecheesehasdied says:

This isn’t funny it’s extremely painful

Bigs Binny says:

literally anyone that doesnt think people getting hurt is funny is a
fucking retard. I draw the line at torture/beheadings

BOBCAT55 says:

sorry im not laughing at people getting hurt.

Josué Díaz says:

Yeap its not funny…nothing funny :s

AliGtm says:

2:00 Czech :D

factitious miz says:

Some common moments can make u laugh out loud

Evangelist Travis says:

Repent people turn away from sin! TIME IS UP! Jesus loves you and wants to
take you home in the Rapture; so that you will not be left here for the
terrible Great Tribulation. Satan’s forces are poised and ready to flood
the earth with their evil presence up close and personal killing, and
eating people! Evg Travis 

siscle kidd says:

Aaaaaaaaashit! That was funny

Leo says:

Do not force people, to follow some other link, before they even land on
your video, that is giving you dislikes.

Penzig says:

I disliked this just because you put the subsribe button over the “close”
button on that thingy. Fu

Neil Thomas says:


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