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Funny Videos Of People falling 2013 New Funny Videos Of People falling 2013 New Funny Videos Of People falling 2013 New funny video of two fat women FAILS Co…

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alotosius says:

Natural selection at its finest.

Caroline Arenas says:

1:14 was funny

dana c. michael says:

cringe moments and hoping they’re okay… 

Sly Shooter says:

1:05, Welcome to back problems for the rest of your life.

Cano Manuel Gonzaga says:

There is nothing funny in people getting seriously hurt. 

Javian Kelly says:

3:55 LOL

Stephen Maloney says:

Haha at 00:31 he bounces.

Nicole Mason says:

Omg that was so funny

beginnerlearning point says:

Thanks for sharing this interesting video

Lulu Beni says:

WHahaha genius

Benyamin harrison says:

GOD!!! this not funny, almost stupid and hurt so bad. i hope no one doing
things like this again….

imanuel basri says:

LOL ..

Funny Videos Of People falling 2013 New

marcusdolby1 says:

0:32 Yvvvuhhhh……

Deborah Dmoch says:

thats boring

Pamela Martinez says:

You guys are all dumb this is not funny this is sad all you guys out there
laughing I’d like to see you guys get hurt one day now there I will laugh
out loud

YesFunnyYes says:

OMG! did the guy at 0:34 have brain damage or something?

Dawson Whait says:

1:50 That place looks so familiar..

teeraputh katutat says:


Amon Tidmore says:


Nancy Hernandez says:

2:23 extremely funny

Dung Nguyen says:

this not funy video.this stupid human

Shanice Reynolds says:

what was that song the dude who got hit with the pole singing

Funny Home Videos 7 says:


mutterschied says:

Vídeo especial para retardados, mongoloides profundos y criminales
aficionados. Quienes gozan con vídeos de este tipo no merecen un lugar en
este mundo. Aún peor que un comunista o un terrorista, aquél que se
divierte con estos vídeos es irrecuperable. 

lucas oneil says:

Hahaha this video was hilarious my last comment was dumb all this is funny

Juicy Equator says:

0:55 looks like Anthony Padilla

Pointed Arrow Farm says:

This video should be called: How a bunch of people died in 2013

Brenton Johnson says:

1:04 cant stop laughing!

Javier Alvarez says:

Pause at 0:11 and look at the girls face

Douglas Palo says:

that kid who fell and his hand was in the air, that’s a sign of brain

Science of Stupid says:
Alyssa Harris says:

A lot of these are funny, but some of them are cringe worthy lol

Joe Prayag says:

Where can i find that clip 0:54? They proved to be real jackass!!!

heidi onesi says:

they are lucky to be alive!

Kitija Jerfane says:

1:13 :D

Walid Amarne says:

smh, why would you even do that…. 1:00

Ysabella Garcia says:

Most of these aren’t very funny. Omg

Jordan Green says:

If yall dont wanna see, then DONT CLICK THE VIDEO. You can tell by the
title what the video is about.

yahaira mejia mercedes says:

go back to 4:11 the boy really got hurt.

Dominic Sawyer says:

A lot of these aren’t even falls and most the ones that are are way too
brutal to be funny

lucas oneil says:

Ok most of those were entertaining but not funny but that one with the guy
singing with his shoe XD that was hilarious

Mingyu Wu says:

0:35 IS HE DEAD??

Aygun Samadova says:

I disliked the video, cause it’s not funny at all! I mean how can one laugh
at other person’s being injured?

TheRoselynnPilaShow says:

30 was just like ouch. I have not finished the video yet.

Sheru Lion says:

funny videos….?????????? only pain……..

Diondre Simmons says:

people falling is funny

Julia Roth says:

LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!

Bigs Binny says:

literally anyone that doesnt think people getting hurt is funny is a
fucking retard. I draw the line at torture/beheadings

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