Funny Home Videos Fail Compilation June 2014

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Funny Home Videos Fail Compilation June 2014. Watch this 2014 super fail compilation of june. It has super stunts, funny crashes, bicycle stunts, women malfu…

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GraveHeartify says:

oh shit shes getting chocked to death take the baby and ignore the person
getting chocked perfect :D 2:17

kenny bell says:


Bollywood Backstage says:

Awesome Video… Watch Now!

BollywoodCIA says:


ikbenliam says:

Was this video supposed to be funny ???

Jon Sheffield says:

Bit funny but getting boring by REPEATING the video again..

GraveHeartify says:

grinch right there 14:15

kenny bell says:

Only watched a wee bit of of it, it was too old for me and the title was
misleading. Peace

Ooops - Funny Home Videos says:

Hey Guys, Check out this super awesome funny video compilation. Watch Now!

Rose Kardami says:

3:53 Δυναμικά η Ελλάδα παντού! ;)

Baylee Wood says:


Jessica Gonzalez says:

please someone explain what the black guys eyes are doing please

mike james says:

im sorry but you got a hold of afv reject submissions from 1997 and decided
they made a geat 2014 june comp? puhleeeze.
you even kept the afv sound bytes……*smfh
you even covered the afv logo with your own and cropped the

Mamadou Wone says:

ha ha ha ha ha ha !!!!!!!!

Martin Fuller says:

It WAC amazing

Seth Dubouzet says:

So so! 

Riley Koppang says:

dat dog tho

ilhame ghanjaoui says:


Maya Owezowa says:

Maya Owezowa

Seadet Heyderova says:

ne guldum gece-gece ))

unknown one says:

good vid but stupid sound effects!

Gordon Shumway says:

I love the smell of white america in the morning.

Toni Perez says:

My cat drank beer too

Temarijoku jokijo says:

ребенку пиво.барзеш

Dilip Kumar says:

Not bad

Mauro Perez says:

vistos y mas vistos que la injusticia!: :( la proxima pone compilacion
junio 2014 de videos del 1889

Eduardo Padilla says:

please! dont repeat some of the videos in the same compilation!!

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