funny bike crash

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guy totals pocket rocket.

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kumiv12 says:

hahaha awesome video cool

alex91387 says:

I wonder how fast they wqere going? funny stuff

JLMoto says:


grkpmpn69 says:

#LOL That was hilarious!

benbay001 says:

People in this video- helping Darwin since 2006

applegear says:

this was the gayest fucking thing i have ever seen, swallow my nut

AxSxKxONE says:

nice road

reconrob06 says:

:30 he almost lost it O.O

Michael Rozett says:

wait, is the BIKE funyy?! cuz this is a waist of time.

mohaha1223 says:

Hahaha nice vid he just lift bike up and keep on driving hahaha =D

YaBoyGecko says:

@CannonRoadPilot clearly

Mhatiazz says:


jaredbrk says:

how fast do those go

oloan manurung says:

hoahahahaha . . He lifted his bike :D

Tom Jewell says:

They have the same size motor as a scooter – therefore street legal.

ActiveStorage says:

the idiot nearly hits the oncoming traffic at 1:02 good job. retards. ps if
they dont give a fuck about their own lives they should try thinking about
lives of other riders

orin250 says:

that didnt total it it probably didnt even scratch it you idiot

sdobbs20 says:

the offspring is a perfect band for this!

Josef Adamec says:

What is name of this song?

Budda Shelton says:

lol he try’s to push it with his hand on the gun hahahahahahahahaha

jtm0008771 says:

dude awsome vid seriously to bad there was a crash

TheDfg1000 says:

silly cunt

Dj Kid Walter says:


landcruiserlarry says:

pretty lame crash!

pilotosz125 says:

hahahaha i will buy one and have no fear if i will crash my bike!

crazycat103z says:

hmm killboyz this must the dragons tail lol wtf theses guys are crazy if
they are driving those things on the dragonstail lol i must give them props

DucatiMo22 says:

Brilliant sound track!

corradosanse says:

Non ci siete con la testa! E tagliate anche le curve!!!

andrew125cr says:

good video if you hit an on coming car it would be a great video,idiotic

BuellMike says:

Aww, I was expecting a real crash, by how many times they crossed the
yellow line in front of (and through) blind corners. Next video we’ll see
they’ll be planted in the grill of an oncoming car. That one wont be title
“FUNNY bike crash”.

gt4driftster says:

that overtake was fuckin brilliant, came from no where, then took off! lol

xXAceFrehleyXx says:

He totaled it?

almaverick7 says:


1O0o says:

i thought this was bike crash, not fag virginz on mini bikes

tiddlescat1 says:

what kind of brand are those pocket bike

MrJapje says:

Whaha this shit is awesome! :D

videoman223 says:

nice vid

Mago10993 says:

There Illegal on the streets because they are too small, dont have
indicators, tail lights or head lights. What kind of bikes are they? the
one at the start looks like a Banshee SHO but more of a CAG.

jackie gieng says:

” I am valentino rossi … OH SHIT !”

sup3man says:

aren’t those illegal on the road?

Aslord says:

No, you’re not, Your stupid!

itachiyates says:

i cant believe there is a corner that you can get into to hot on a pocket
bike. fucking awesome.

hkerkdijk says:

heey..nice to see greets from holland

Luka Suzińá says:

hahahah idiot hahaha

ciloks cilok says:


nos1034 says:

U people are fucking dick heads

maarten kraake says:

why does every body has that cheap bikes?

Trickit10 says:

lmao that is sweet! i am so gonna do that

Luke Melrose says:

its funny how he picked it up and kept riding as if nothing happend

stephsyoda says:

I didn’t realize they went that fast….. seems like fun

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