Funny bike crash

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He never drove a motorcycle before…

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aleaiectaest says:

never drove a motorcycle? looks like he has never SEEN a motorcycle:P

Bfrazee75 says:

what a loser its so easy to drive

Adarsh Ar says:

What a jerk? 1:08

Harsha Atluri says:

He never rode a bicycle before…

JKrct3Customs says:

he didn’t put his feet on the pedals (or what they are called) that made
him out of balance

John Garlough says:

Too funny Matt…

Ameer Hamzah says:

pity him

anthonyzap123 says:

awww did ur daddy have to start it for u

Chazeyomom007 says:

just like his dad warms up his girls he brings home before he rides them

MrAGoalie says:

wow how would the guy with the motorcycle not care that it just got wrecked

hasnfefer says:

Dude, I’m not saying this to be funny, but if you can’t start it, don’t
ride it.

tarzan00045 says:

They are called foot pegs.

LCC722 says:

Is it a woman dressed as a man?

gastrothenoob says:

dude learn how to ride if you wanna ride… and dont crash….. lol

SuperWdude says:

are u a sped or somthin?

Nuclearbeagle says:

That helmet was a lot of use

crazydaniel1231 says:

@aleaiectaest im only 11 and i have one and its manual and if hes so stupid
why dose’t he get a automatic one

MegaJasperdog says:

wot a tool

teeopee100 says:

tha girls seem indifferent bout whats happening must be quite the norm for
this dude! you know, we all have our a’s and f’s he’s probally i great
lover- ARF!

usabadone says:

Keep. Goin crude dude ull. Get it

TazTalksYouListen says:

Instructions: strap helmet on, turn key to ON, grab both handle bars,
balance bike between legs, lean bike slightly to the right, remove kick
stand, place transmission in neutral, lean bike slightly to the left, kick
start, balance bike between legs, pull in clutch, stay off throttle,
prepare to pull front brake lever, lean bike slightly to the right, place
transmission in first gear, balance bike between legs, and then turn the
key off, drop the kick stand, and dismount. The moron ride is over.

rm870 says:

If it’s his first time why, WHY in God’s name would he not wear some
protective gear. How ’bout a jacket for starters and securing that head

JKrct3Customs says:

he crashes because he didnt have his feet on the pedals

Karan Singh says:

stop criticizing him guys……he may cry to mommy…..

andrew d says:

oh matt that was sad i think tyler should have drove it he would have had a
better crash

donte morris says:

ii dont laugh

Jimom97 says:

lol wtf, is the bike ok? lol ….

Meintjes6758 says:

Shame,at least they’re helping the poor guy…….

dazzido says:

you retard loooooool

mushroomhill says:

that was pitiful

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