Extremely Scary Ghost Elevator Prank in Brazil

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Extremely Scary Ghost Elevator Prank in Brazil.

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Dominic Brown says:

*Scary Elevator!*
*This is the scary ghost elevator prank video filmed in Brazil.*
Now some will take the stairs more often.

iluvallmychao0071 says:

I bet that little girl had fun doing that. lol

Lomax0506 says:

It’s a great prank until someone drops dead from a heart attack due to

Nads Deidre says:

Someone could go to the hospital after this cruel prank…

TheAlmightyApe says:

What if someone stood against the back panel so she couldn’t get in…?

☊ M♡xx♪e ☊ says:

What if there is some person who got a bad day? and tried to hit the little

BloodyandEnchained says:

what if someone tried to hit her out of panic

Jessica Coats says:

Good. Morning, Tuesday Terror,….
( T & T ),….

DonDraperism says:

I found nothing funny about this. What if someone had a heart attack or
attacked the child? Just not funny at all. 

Justin Liu says:

This is a bit too cruel…

Wallie Newen says:

damn.. i am surprised those old people didn’t get a heart attack.

Foreverguga1 says:

This is good to give someone a heart attack. I wonder how funny this would
still be if somebody had had a stroke in the elevator, or get traumatized
for life

Ranjit Rana says:

Stop please this kind of pranks. Why do you encourage pranks in the first
place.people are not aware of your prank , anything can happen, why do you
invite unwanted problem. The little girl who played as a ghost nearly lost
her life with the kick of that strong guy. Do you think its funny ? you are
seriously playing with somebody’s life just to earn youtube clicks. In
view, that girls and other people’s life is more valuable than your
youtube clicks.God sake stop it.

DaneOfScandinavy says:

This is quite funny, but I think the prank is cruel and irresponsible.
People could suffer a heart attack or psycological problems, and some might
hit the girl.

simon may says:

Am I the only one who thinks they’d kick the kid…

TheHeroicEmu™ says:

I would’ve got soo scared I would beat the living sh*t out of her. That
would teach them to prank on me :P :P

TheBudhistpunk says:

Great way to give someone a heart attack, but then again it is Brazil and
life is cheap there.

AquaGalaxyArt says:

its funny until you start scaring old people. That’s really not safe for

Vero Montenegro says:

is funny because is not you!

Mongodos says:

I would of pee’d on myself right there when she screamed at me lol.

Daniel Dani says:

87 million’s Watch?

Shark Eel says:

What do they do when some gangster draws a gun and blasts the shit out of
the little girl? 

FizzyAmy says:

That was awesomeeee!!!!!

loch70 says:

Thats dangerous, What if someone punched her in the face?

panos6564 says:

so fake dude

Mr CJ says:


Chip says:

thats not even funny, sticking a normal day to day person in an elevator
cutting the lights out and freaking the person out, lucky none of those
people had heart attacks

loaded88 says:

I think it’s safe to say that all these people will take the stairs from
now on.

DeadEye8360 says:

if that was me i would beat the living fuck out of that little girl

Shota Buadze says:

If somebody does this to me I will cut his head off! thats not funny

TheTillytootoo says:

Fake as hell

Ellen Degeneres says:

What if they attacked the little girl.

Ambergame45 says:

How are people not attacking her? If this were me I would punched the shit
out of her before we got to the next floor. 

RangerOfAlcyone says:

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Remo Williams says:

fake as hell were all actors

Ferlesha T says:

I don’t think this is so funny. You people are gonna cause some
Some people were really scared. Even I would be.
You’re lucky no one punched the girl because they thought it wasn’t real. 

TsvUni1960 says:

Who omg a little dirty kid (AND A ROUNDHOUSE KICK LIKE BEFORE) BOOM

LetsleyPlays says:

Am I the only one who would’ve said hello to the little girl and tried to
start a conversation with her? I’m very weird when it comes to this sort of
stuff. =/

Lazy P Ranch says:

Ok, have to admit, this was good enough to watch to the end. Only
surprised no one had a heart attack.

Saf Younes says:

somebody may have a heartattack

darkorbit070 says:

i HATE this kind of jokes

Melanie L says:

Quite honestly, I didn’t find this funny. Because I know if I was in this
situation, I would probably be balling my eyes out. And probably having
something like a heart attack, because this kind of thing is my biggest
fear. Not funny for people who are dangerously afraid of this.

Alejandro Loza says:

I would go “Ghostbusters on her ass!”

Winston Huang says:

H Hahahaha

Sikandar Shah says:

that was really funny thanks to the maker i really enjoyed 

Phillip Dihpol says:

If I where in this lift I will knockout this little child and give him a
Circle Kick !!!

keith jarvis says:

This is another oldie but a goodie…….lol

SteamPlayer says:

Thumbs up this comment if you were in that elevator and you didn’t get a
heart attack

Mitch Sijnesael says:

But if Some one is eceleptic or have a heart attack Well then They have a

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