Crazy Stupid Love – Fight Scene

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One of the funniest scenes ever! it’s from Crazy Stupid Love.

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Juliadore says:

I wish I could see this for the first time again! Funniest scene ever and
you don’t see it coming

David Felter says:

Just when you thought it can’t possibly get any worse: “Excuse me, Emily?”

SimplyChattyAshley says:

That scream at the end though XD

Malcolm Darko says:

My favorite confrontation in this scene is the one Bernie has with Cal. The
fact that he hears that Cal has become a womanizer (with the help of
Jacob), and later being shown a nude picture of Jessica which she intended
to give to Cal. Leads him to believe that he is having an affair with his
daughter, is just brilliant and hilarious! This scene is so well written!

naved0589 says:

I am telling you right now if you haven’t watch this movie and are watching
this scene please stop now, you are going to ruin it. This is one of the
best written climatic scenes of any movie I have watched in my entire life.
I was in tears of laughter of how everything all came together. It was just

Michael Weaselboy says:

Best scene ever!!!!!!! 

Joel-Benjamin Bousfield says:

I laughed my head off when I first saw this bit in the film. Amazing :D

SniperKnivesV2 says:

They’re hugging each other at 2:44

Lamar Alo says:

Ryan’s laugh at the end

Danielle Oliver says:

i just got done watching this movie.. and did anyone ever expect this
outcome. Emma Stone being their daughter?? i really did see that coming.
love this movie tho. so funny, laughed through the whole thing

Andreas Jr says:

“Then I’ll mess you up!” Hahahahahaha

SirArsenic says:

Brilliant. Simply brilliant!

Brenda Muñoz says:

What are you doing Hardy?!
The only guy who can punch you is Joe! 

Warren Thompson says:

This is the gayest “fight scene” ever haha

Ted Schumer says:

Dad! Cal! Cal! Jessica? Bernie? Hahahahahaha

Daniel yang says:

This scene was to freaken funny

Joseph Gifford says:

That FREAKING laugh at the end. Kills me every time.

Liz Tolley says:

“Dad!” “Cal!” “Cal…” “Jessica?” “Bernie?!” Gets knocked to the ground XD

Joseph Reid says:

his face at .13 like wtf u doing here, answer my question

909finestgirl says:

lmao best fight scene

Allison Wolfe says:

There are movies that you can enjoy at any age… and then there are movies
that you have to be at a certain point in your life to truly understand.
I’ll admit it… I hated “Crazy, Stupid, Love” the first time I saw it. But
now as a sit watching it again, I realize I get it. And it’s really pretty
brilliant. #crazystupidlove 

Katie Yoon says:

this scene is everything lmao

butlikereally says:

ryan gosling is everything

Zou Kapni says:


jazmyn claiborne says:

I like how Jessica’s dad punches Jacob and he just walked of and put his
hands on hips XD

Ammarah Ahmad says:

“stay away from my daughter” “you stay away from my daughter” *fights* “I
don’t even know you” *joins in* xD

Kelly Smith says:

LOL! “Excuse me, Emily?” when everyone turns and there is the sound of
creaking wood from the windmill I laughed hysterically. 2:16

someusername121 says:

3:02 hey where’s the snakeskin pants?!

Dan Beezee says:


za1pp says:

funniest scene in the movie

Desirée B says:

omg what a mean father D: XD

unholymonkey says:

Why was everyone asleep at 3PM?

TheJakuszczon says:

Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse – Revenge

CherryCurlZ06 says:

The police office said “keep it in the family”..and the reason why they
were fighting in the first place was because of the complicated way they
were all associated with one another. So technically they actually did
“keep it in the family”

gotja says:


John Bosconite says:

That was a good punch from Jacob!

nonamesorryaboutthat says:

sorry meant AM hahahahaha

Andrew Roman says:

“No, its not.”

Drezski says:

Oh man, such a great movie.

Robpc192 says:

what’s the name of the song that was playing when cal’s wife and cal were
in the park with the mini golf

princesshirji says:

break up. right now. lmfao

callmered6 says:

This was the best part of an amazing movie!! So funny I’ve watched this
spammy times now..

Bluemgwes says:

The only, I mean the ONLY problem I have with this incredible scene from
this amazing movie is that Cal didn’t go punch David Lindhagen. :(

Commisariant says:

Hanna: Daddy? Jacob: Please don’t call him that.

angelzhell02 says:

Lmao at David linhagon gets punched and says “I don’t even know you”.

Tony Tiger says:

this was retarded like watching a 1950s movie scene adapted to 2011
americans, pathetic simpletons

Ricky Bricks says:

David linhoggin >:|

valinor100 says:

It would be totally normal that Cal would have a grown daughter. Other than
that the scene is flawless.

abby fisher says:

This was such an awesome turning point in this movie and Ryan gosling is
gold!! Great acting! This makes me want to watch this movie again lol

laurie mcainsh says:

Best scene ever

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