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Jared prank calls a guy and wanted to pretend to be a phone company…But for some reason the guy thinks Jared is his ex wives new boyfriend. It’s pretty hil…

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brandengaming57 says:

im LMAO Right Now At 0:31 when he got scared when he said hello

TheLoneFew says:

How in the fuck did he get this worked up over a guy saying ‘yeah’ on the
other end?

Sean Carney says:

You can tell Jared is genuinely confused as hell talking to this guy lol

Josh Phillips says:

I really wish there was subtitles. I can’t understand what the guy is

Hunter Culbertson says:

how i imagine every single anti Brony XD

Snickit says:


Aliyah Brown says:

Guy: smwdjenwonkfnrjef
Jared: yeah yeah
Guy: u my ex wife’s boyfriend? Mshpsjsisj
Guy:muthafucker dick face shit in yourself

Shiny Umbreon says:

Was he drunk…?

MysteriousSteve1234 says:

You forgot to add the part where he can’t hear you and he is talking to
himself about his ex-wife.(It happened in the stream before this recording)

Fizz n Sprinklez says:

This killed us yesterday lol!! Watching it again was even more epic! I just
picture him jumping around, running from front yard to back yard! Lol!!!

IWakeUpToSweat says:

20 questions @ the beginning. 

Janet Mcconnell says:

That was hilarious! I loved the bit about him needing to see if he was
insured for 7 backhands!

madison heist says:

He jumped when the guy answered he was still talking about the light and he

Albert Loera says:

“I’ll give you 2 backhands, now it’s three backhands!” I DIED!

suki3275 says:

can anyone understand what this dudes saying? XD

Cai Chambers says:

I’m surprised this guy isn’t arrested yet.

The1Returner says:

That guy talks way to much shit. He coulda been to the guys house by now if
he really knew him.

Brooke Deegan says:

I saw this live

BlockingTheDoors says:

Lol now youre gettin 4 backhands XD

CriticFromTheFuture says:

Even though I have no idea what the fuck that guy is saying, I still find
this hilarious.

Toontown Telegraph says:

Hi. Hi. Hi? Hi. Hi! Hi?

alswn23 says:

Wow this guy has anger management issues. 

maynardsmoreland says:

I heard this live last night, and he’s the craziest person I’ve heard in
three years of listening to FNC.

Friday Night Cranks says:

Share this video on facebook or twitter. Spread it before I get my ass

AlwayzPr0 says:

I love when this happens. 

TheDarkRedNinja says:

LMAO XDD That was awesome.

Wary97 says:


RealMikeTerra says:

That guy reminded me of Drunk Uncle

JustStopMiley Productions says:

Some people have horrible phone quality. They need a new phone upgrade.

5keeper7ful says:

What kind of crazy man hides behind a tree?

ToonTownTVFromABC says:

Love Watching This Live

Bullet Brainz says:

How does he change his number to someone else’s

Kylie McCaffrey says:

#CrazyJohn this was hilarious last night omg

Lyla Walker says:

This… Is my favorite video from you. Other than #RIPGEORGE. 

motolazer says:

This was live last night

Myar Bizqit says:

I counted around 26 back hands. That guy should get at least 30.

Ryker Brass7364 says:


Ashton Stevens says:

How drunk is that person?! No wonder his wife left him…

Ricardas Ricardas says:

So turning of captions didn’t help understand anything at all.

Satvinder Grewal says:

Should’ve told him, you was banging his ex- wife when he said “where are

bob elvis says:

This guy is so stupid XD

Iamthefuture1100 says:

“I’m waiting for it motherfucker” LMFAOOOO!!!

Micah Bartlett says:

It’s fucking hilarious how you say yeah mmhmm


Hey next prank should be Michelle calls walmart for strawberry Ass cream

TJ Sullivan says:

Sorry now it 6 back hands

Meggiemeg Curtis says:

Cuz you should find out if your insurance covers seven backhands

mickhick95 says:

i resist anal

Blankets 2nd channel says:

Nipple pancake

ohyeshunnie says:

probably the funniest thing

magificul says:

No wonder the girl left his psycho ass

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